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Report Hate Crime

Why should you report a hate crime?

Hate crime is rarely a one-off incident. There is usually a very small chance of you being a repeat victim of a crime.  However, victims of hate crime are more likely to suffer repeated, constant and daily abuse from the same perpetrator/s.

Hate crime can have a devastating psychological effect on you. Hate crime often consists of a series of crimes, and the cumulative effect of such incidents and crimes can destroy lives through emotional damage and long-term trauma.

For victims of hate crime, the risk of attack may be constant. Feelings of insecurity can result in anxiety and a continuous state of watchfulness and inability to sleep.

By reporting hate crime, you may help prevent others from becoming a victim of it. It also helps PFD understand the extent and impact of discrimination or prejudice so we can better respond to it.

Hate crime is committed by people who do not care about the suffering they cause. If they go unchallenged, they will continue to put others in danger.  Report it so they can be caught before others suffer.

You can report if you are a victim, a witness or if you are reporting on behalf of someone else.

Reporting makes a difference! – to you, your friends and family, and your community.

Anonymous reporting

Remember, you can report an incident anonymously, even if you are a witness. Even if you feel that the incident is not important, your report may help to stop problems getting worse or happening to other people as well.

How to Report Hate Crimes and Prejudice Incidents

There are a number of ways to report:

Whilst hate crime is known to be under-reported, the volume of hate crimes and incidents recorded by Dorset Police have gradually increased since 2014, suggesting victims are becoming more confident to come forward. We encourage all victims of any form of hate crime to report to the police or third party reporting centres. You will be taken seriously and receive the help and support you need.