Welcome to the Prejudice Free Dorset Website

Terms of Reference

  1. To raise awareness of and better understand the nature of prejudice incidents and hate crimes in Dorset.
  2. To challenge any discriminatory practice including deterring future offensive behaviour and hostility.
  3. To build confidence of those affected to report incidents and hate crimes.
  4. To undertake public reassurance to ensure that those experiencing prejudice receive appropriate responses and services.
  5. To ensure that the process of reporting such incidents/crimes is known and understood and the process is the best that it can possibly be.
  6. To encourage and engage all relevant agencies in reporting and effectively responding to prejudice incidents and hate crimes and to increase the number of reporting centres throughout Dorset.
  7. To develop and implement partnership initiatives which prevent and reduce prejudice incidents and hate crimes and promote community cohesion.
  8. To ensure that the work of relevant agencies and bodies dealing with hate incidents and crimes in Dorset is appropriately co-ordinated involving all anti-bullying Leads and offering the appropriate support.
  9. To promulgate ‘best-practice’ concerning hate incidents/crimes across Dorset either from local, regional or national initiatives.
  10. To assess both hate incident/crime and performance management data to ensure that the correct action is being taken or required to be taken.
  11. To mandate and quality assure the relevant but necessary hate incident/crime training that is delivered throughout the county.