Welcome to the Prejudice Free Dorset Website

Our Action Plan and Priorities

The PFD Group will be responsible for the development and implementation of an Action Plan, which will aim to:

  • Extend reporting of hate crimes/incidents across Dorset
  • Encourage agencies to submit monitoring data and to analyse it
  • To strategically develop ongoing publicity campaigns
  • Develop Community Cohesion Tension Monitoring Plans across Dorset
  • Improve support for victims of hate crime
  • Improve support to those persons responsible for investigating and dealing with such hate incidents and crimes
  • Co-ordinate pan-Dorset activities

Our Priorities for 2017 / 18:

  • Redefining and developing third party reporting sites
  • Developing our communication strategy
  • Identifying how we can address barriers to reporting
  • Identifying the range of support available to victims in Dorset and making it accessible
  • Exploring the use of awareness courses to educate offenders
  • Developing a training programme that can be used for and by community groups