Welcome to the Prejudice Free Dorset Website
Prejudice Free Dorset is a partnership organisation that seeks to promote inclusive communities across Dorset. Our message is clear:  hate crime will never be tolerated and victims of crime will be supported. Hate crime can take many forms, including verbal abuse, physical assault, domestic abuse, harassment and damage to property.  Such crime is targeted at a person because of prejudice towards a person's race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.  All forms of hate crime are unacceptable in any circumstances.  Hatred not only has the potential to cause serious physical and emotional harm, it damages communities and undermines the diversity and cohesion we should instead be celebrating. Prejudice Free Dorset works in partnership with Dorset Police, who will provide a victim focussed response to any incidents reported.  Tackling hate crime is a priority and we continue to work with our communities to stamp it out. Hate crime has always been under-reported.  We are working to build the confidence of all communities to come forward and report hate incidents and crimes.  With recent media coverage national and international events raising the profile of hate crime, we want to encourage victims to come forward in confidence.  We are here to provide support and advice where it's needed. If you think you may have experienced or witnessed hate crime, report it by contacting Dorset Police using the 'Do it online' function.  Alternatively, download the 'Hate Crime2' app, contact Crimestoppers or report to any of our third party reporting centres.  The True Vision website (report-it.org.uk) can also be used, where you will find further advice about staying safe.  Victim Support can offer support and advice. In an emergency, always dial 999.